HIS Kids Empowerment Program

Living REAL aims to empower youth to pursue excellence while nurturing and rebuilding their dreams, instilling inextinguishable hope, and creating a vision for their future.



Our target youth population is categorized as "Generation Z", falling within the ages of 13 to 18.


Some of the world's greatest potential contributors will never reach their full capacity due to limited or no access to education funds, healthcare, or basic economy driven poverty, and other sub-standard living conditions.


Living REAL's plan of assistance through the HIS Kids is built around the 3 E's, our three core areas:

1. Understanding your ESSENCE.

We believe that in order for one to become who they were created to be, they have to understand who they are and where they are going.

2. Pursuing your EDUCATIONAL goals.

We also believe that being aware of how knowledge impacts your future is integral to building a successful plan for your future.

3. Investing in EXTRACURRICULAR activities

Lastly, we believe that understanding how your talents can be used to improve your life and your community is key to pursuing excellence.

We are working to:

  • Rebuild the essence and vision of the kid(s) by providing guidance in the development of goals.

  • Instill hope in their future by strengthening their confidence level and abilities in the areas of education and extracurricular activity.

  • Nurture the creation of a vision by the child by providing access to a continuing cycle of skill set improvement opportunities through a Resource Center with the aim of improving communities long-term.

Currently, the largest project under the scope of this program is the HIS Kids REAL Empowerment Scholarship.

His Kids Real Empowerment Scholarship

Selected for the 2018 school year are two students who are continuing the level of excellence that Living Real has been blessed enough to experience with each new year of our Scholarship Program!  

The HKE Scholarship Program is designed to stay in alignment with our core initiative by allowing us to perform the following:  

  • Monthly call-ins between dedicated Living Real Staff and awardees for well-being and educational assessments.

  • Quarterly face-to-face meetings for fellowship with the students and their families, and for scholarship distribution.

These monthly and quarterly meetups with the kids and their parents allowed us to develop plans of guidance and success for the remainder of the school year with each student.  



In the past Living Real has been able to provide resources to our awardees including:

  • Tutorial sessions

  • Loaded Bookbags

  • Extended support as required by the circumstances of the student.

With the end of the school year, April 2018 saw the graduation of our 2017 awardees from the program.    Living Real will work to stay in touch with these bright stars to continue being a source of guidance and fellowship as they continue to grow.  These two students made 2017 a stellar launch year for the program!

Awardees for the 2018 school year have been selected.